Thursday, August 30, 2012

Fabrics Perfect for the Kitchen! Teacups Roses Coffee

Teacup Fabric That has Realistic looking China, What a Fabulous design! Cream background that goes with just about everything. Perfect for the Kitchen. Teacozies, Curtains, Tableclothes, Napkins, Cushions, Place Mats, Towel Trim and More!

Why Not Have a Tea Party! Invite all of your Friends...

Love Coffee? This panel is perfect.. Great for Curtains, Napkins, Place Mats and Sew Much More. Perfect Retro Design for a Kitchen.

Strawberries! They Look so Juicy and Real. A Great Fabric for the Kitchen. I can see it all Now! A light yellow wall?  Bright Sunny kitchen.. Strawberry Curtains, Towel Trim, Napkins and Tea Cozy. Soo Cute!

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